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Would you like to learn more about how a rife machine is built? RifeMachineBuilder is now offering you a complimentary e-book. Send me a "FREE e-book" request via email. No obligation to purchase.


Note: Limited time only!



RifeMachineBuilder prides ourself on providing high quality products and offer a quality guarantee on all items. Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individualized attention, and innovative solutions.


We work hard in order to make Rife Machines high quality yet affordable for everyone.



Economy model with affordable bulb. The basic model comes with a high performance frequency generator. Upgraded keypad with display screen frequency generator is available for additional $100. Free shipping within the U.S. We offer 30 days return and money back guarantee on Economy model!

Upgrade option
Most popular

The most popular model the best seller at RifeMachineBuilder! It operates from 1hz. to about 18,000hz. User friendly designed, easy to use! Upgraded keypad with display screen frequency generator is available for additional $100. Free shipping within the U.S.

Upgrade option
1,500.00 USD

Advance is upgraded model with the Robin F-125 frequency generator.

The frequency generator has the ability to do sweeps and is programmable. The cost of the frequency generator itself is about $560. Free shipping within the U.S. Please contact us for international shipping rates.

Rife Machine Made Simple
25.00 USD

The book “Rife Machines Made Simple” is now available to buy!

Free shipping within the U.S. ($15 for international shipping)

*Please see below for more information of the book.

Payment & Shipping


Free shipping within U.S. We make sure that all parts are brand new and tested. Please allow 7 to 14 days before machine is shipped.  Some of the parts are expensive and not always in stock.


We ship our rifemachine overseas as well! Depending on the country, the shipping cost is different. Please contact us for the shipping cost.



What is "Rife Machines Made Simple" book about?


Rife machine technology was invented by Royal Raymond Rife in 1920’ and 1930’. The technology has been around for over eighty years. This book will serve you with lots of informative contents which include history, images, theories, and more all about rife machine. Below is few theories about Rife Technology;


*The body is mostly water which blocks out the effectiveness of drugs.
*Bacteria and virus can resonate and be destroyed at certain frequencies.
*Anti-biotics create a resistant bacteria.
*Electrical stimulation makes the immune system stronger.
*The light from the Rife Machine can penetrate human body and give a negative impact on harmful bacteria in the body.
*The body becomes ill when the electrical frequency is not normal. The energy from Rife Machines corrects abnormal electrical patterns in the body.


*Please note that we are not permitted to make medical claims.

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