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Feel free to contact me if intersted in learning about great jobs in Rife Technology.  Contact travisbest88@gmail.com if intersted in a Rife Machine Job.



     Rife Machine Builder now is also the Rife Research Center of America.  We also have a book that is CURRENTLY  OUT.  It is a great place to work, and to learn about Rife Machines.

     Lyme disease is becoming more and more epidemic across the country.  People are starting to understand that there are many problems and complications with anti-biotics.  For instance the bacteria is tiny and thread like in nature and can go where it wants to go in the body.  The body is made up of water and carbon which can possibly cancel out the effectiveness of anti-biotics.  In addition there is a chance that the bacteria can become resistant to the drug.  This is what is happening now with the superbugs.  Bryan Rosner clearly points this out in his book Lyme Disease and Rife Machines.

     At www.rifemachinebuilder.com we are always looking for partners.  With  over 1,000,0000,000 people in the world suffering from infections, it takes an army of people to go after a disease.  At www.rifemachinebuilder.com we treat people right.  We have a lot to offer.


*Generous commission for sales

*Work from home opportunities

*Great opportunity to help sick people

*Moving the world out of the dark ages

*Unlimited earnings potential

*Flexibility in work hours




Our attention to service and quality has made us an industry leader. At Rife Machine Builder Website the customer always comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations!  At www.rifemachinebuilder.com people come first.  We would also like to thank the many people who have worked hard to keep Rife Technology alive and well.  These people include Dan Tracy, Jeff Garff, Bill Cheb, Bryan Rosner, Richard Lloyd, Jim Bare, Barry Lynes, Steve in Tyrone Township Michigan, and many others that will be mentioned.  These are a few people who think outside the box and understand that there might be too much water in the body for drugs to be effective against many infections.  These people understand that an infection might become drug resistant.  This could result in a huge number of problems.  These are people who keep history alive in order to make the world a better place.  Please be aware at Rife Machine Builder we do not make medical claims.

Welcome to A Rife Machine Builder Website.

     The internet has made more people aware of Rife Technology.  Current medical procedures raise many questions.  If cancer can sometimes be caused by a virus how is radiation, chemotherapy or surgery supposed to kill a virus.  If cancer can spread around the body how is cutting off a portion of the body supposed to kill the cancer.  Theses are just a few of the many questions that come to mind. 

     Certainly there are some people who have different opinions about Rife Technology.  The desire is for the evidence to be looked at closely.  This includes taking a close look at the history of Rife,  and also involves listening to the numerous people who have used, or who currently use the technolgy.  It could also be possible to view the destruction of certain bacteria under a microscope when exposed to Rife.  People are good at weeding out the truth.  Perhaps the truth about Rife is currently on the table.  I give Rife Machines a lot of credit for helping me.

     More Rife Videos coming soon!!


time to get out of the drug age, and move into the computer age!!

The main Rife Machine building blocks.

Above are the three main building blocks in the Rife Machine.  On the left is the computer or signal generator, this is the brain of the machine.  In the center is the transistor. This is the heart of the machine.  To the right of the transistor is the coil. This is the power house of the machine.  To the right of the coil is the bulb.  This is what emits the energy.

Please allow 7 to 21 days before machine is shipped.  Some of the parts are expensive and not always in stock.

Next we have the Most Popular Model with the less expensive bulb and frequency generator This machine comes set to go. The cost for this machine with the bulb and frequency generator is $550.  The frequency generator cost over $100, the straight tube bulb cost about $40.  Shipping is free within the U.S.  Try it for thirty days.  If not happy return for refund.

Most Popular Model with economy bulb.
Most Popular Model
550.00 USD

This is the most popular model with the less expensive bulb. It comes set to go, with the bulb and frequency generator included. Shipping is free within the U.S.

Some of the parts in the machine are expensive.  We apologize for the cost increase.  We work hard in order to make Rife Machines affordable for everyone.

Most popular model.
Most Popular Model
950.00 USD

The cost for the most popular model is $950. Shipping within the U.S. is free. Contact kopekt@yahoo.com for international shipping cost.

The below facebook posts should provide a good description of the Rife Machine.

Rife Machines Made Simple
25.00 USD

This book is a must for anyone interested in Rife Machines. Shipping is free within U.S. International shipping cost is $15.

Cost for the machine is $1500 plus $40 shipping within the U.S. Most Popular model with Robin F-125 frequency generator.

The above machine is the most popular model with the Robin F-125 frequency generator.  The frequency generator has the ability to do sweeps and is programmable.  The cost of the frequency generator is about $560.  The total cost of the machine is $1,500 shipping within the U.S. is free.  Please contact kopekt@yahoo.com for international shipping rates. 

Most Popular Model
1,500.00 USD

This a picture of the most popular model with the Robin F-125 frequency generator.

The below facebook videos show a good solid basic Rife Machine.

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     The cost for the just released book (Rife Machines Made Simple) is $25.  Shipping is free within the U.S. and $16 for shipping outside the U.S.

     We accept all major credit cards over the phone.  Funding can also be sent using pay-pal to the e-mail address kopekt@yahoo.com

     We are not permitted to make medical claims, however we will say that we have been successful for over the last five years.

     People will often ask is Rife technology dangerous.  My response is the technology has been around for over eighty years.  It has been used by many.  It is the best alternative I know of.  When I have an infection Rife Technology is the main technology I use. 

     The operation generally boils down to looking at pathogens under a microscope, and then making observations.  Remember it is all about what Royal Raymond Rife did in the 1920's and 1930's.  For certain pathogens like bacteria you do not need a high powered microscope in order to make observations.

     Remember there is a fine line between quackery and legitimate science.  All it takes is one mistake to wreck a legitimate science. 


     There are many theories about Rife Technology.  Here are some of the few I have heard.


*The body is mostly water which blocks out the effectiveness of drugs.

*Bacteria and virus can resonate and be destroyed at certain frequencies.

*Anti-biotics create a resistant bacteria.

*There are many negative side effects from taking conventional drugs.

*Drugs are not effective against a virus in the body.

*Electrical stimulation makes the immune system stronger.

*Some of the light from the Rife Machine can penetrate the body and possibly have a negative impact on harmful bacteria in the body.

*The body becomes ill when the electrical frequency is not normal.  The energy from Rife Machines might correct abnormal electrical patterns in the body.


The following article was taken off Yahoo Health.


An Epidemic of Drug-Resistant Superbugs


As the Atlantic reports, "Every year, more and more children with viral illnesses are given unnecessry antibiotics, and as a result, the bacteria floating around in our bodies get exposed to those  antibiotics and evolve, gaining resistance to even our most powerful antibiotics."


And the superbugs keep getting scarier.  Not only are there recent reports of worldwide spread of completely drug resistant infections from E. coli and related bacteria striking hospital and nursing home patients, but there are now cases of nearly untreated STD's including drug resistant gonorrhea in the United States.


     Often times people will become ill with a strep infection.  Generally the standard procedure is to take anti-biotics for the infections.  The establishment has trouble understanding that there might be too much water in the body for drugs to be effective.  The infection could go easily from the throat into the brain.  When the infection gets into the brain it can do some serious damage to the brain.


Excerpt from Rife Book


     The Rife Book that is soon coming out is intended to focus on building the Rife Machine.  It is designed to not waste time and to allow for a quick and easy build.  The book will have a lot of photos describing the build.  The following is an excerpt from the book.


     About ten years ago I became interested in Rife Technology after learning about it thanks to the internet.  Rife Technology began around 1930 when a man named Royal Raymond Rife first started using his ideas to help sick people.  The technology can a lot of times be described as using electrical resonance to destroy illness.  After looking at various pathogens under a microscope Rife observed that the pathogens would resonate and break up at certain frequencies. 

     There are many theories behind Rife Technology.  Some people claim cancer has a lot of iron and can be destroyed when exposed to electrical energy.  Other people claim electrical energy can make the immune system stronger.  Still other people think when the electrical pattern in the body is not normal that can cause illness.  This leads into the theory that the Rife Machine can correct abnormal electrical patterns in the body.  Other people claim that Rife Machines are useful for re-balancing the energy in the body.

     Many books written often have a lot of unnecessary clutter and complication.  The goal of this book is to make it easy for anyone to afford, or build a Rife Machine.  The hope is that making Rife easy to understand will create a positive impact in the world.

     Was recently reading a book about how hydrogen can be used to end the dependency on oil.  The man who wrote the book was very passionate about getting people to use alternative fuels.  The problem is I didn't get a clear idea about how I could power my car from hydrogen, or where I could find the plans to convert my car to hydrogen, or even what would be the best way to produce hydrogen.  I think in order to change the world the idea has to be affordable and easy for people to understand.  Not everyone can afford expensive machines.





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