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Borne from a passion for providing alternative sources for health from proven technology that was developed over eighty years ago.  Rife Machine Builder has been building Rife Machines and helping people since 2005.

"The light from the Rife Machine can penetrate the human body and negatively affect harmful bacteria," said Travis Kopek, Founder and Owner of Rife Machine Builder.  "I want everyone to know this form of eradtication has been proven to help since it was first developed by Rife over eighty years ago.


Rife Technology is based on the idea that electrical stimulation makes the immune system stronger, light from the machine can kill bacteria, and viruses, and that pathogens can be killed with certain frequencies.


"If more people knew about this effective and easy to use technology, there would be much less suffering in the world.  We are passionate about the power of the Rife Machine, and are encouraging everyone to try Rife Technology.


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Phone:  810-287-1129

e-mail:  travisbest88@gmail.com


The following theory is outside the box.  If you have an interest in it please contact me.  Travis


Have done well using conventional electricity to fight illness.

Matter is light moving at a very slow frequency.

The frequency of matter can be increased.

This can possibly be done using gravity waves, or another universal attractant.

This is like what is done when a generator is used to create electricity.

We are looking for the magnet that is attracted to all forms of matter.

We are surrounded be gravitational force.

There are many ways this energy form can be used to benefit the human body.

Need to create a device like a generator that can be used to increase the frequency of all matter, and not just metal.

This theory has great potential to destroy human suffering.

There must be a focused effort to destroy illness.  Too much suffering in the world.

Please give me some ideas to put this theory in motion.








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