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These are the three main building blocks in the Rife Machine.  On the left is the computer or signal generator, this is the brain of the machine.  In the center is the transistor. This is the heart of the machine.  To the right of the transistor is the coil. This is the power house of the machine.  To the right of the coil is the bulb.  This is what emits the energy.


We provide illustrations on how to build a Rife Machine in our book, . It is designed to not waste your time and to allow for a quick and easy build.  Below are a list of parts that are used to build a basic Rife Machine.

Signal Generator. This is the brain of the machine.  This generates the frequency that goes through the bulb.  The cost for the signal generator is 155 each.

12 volt auto coil

The coil is the amplifier.  Generally two of these provide the power that goes through the bulb.  This creates an e-field and also an electromagnetic field. The cost for these are 35 each.

Darlington Transistor 50 amp 100 volt. The heart of the machine. The part number is MJ11032.  The cost for this part is 5.    

Bridge Rectifier. The cost for the bridge rectifier is 5.

The cost for the transformer is 17 each.  Generally two are used is each machine.

On/Off toggle switch.  The cost for this is 5.

Inline fuse holder.  The cost for this part is 5.

12 volt fan.  The cost for this part is 7.

BNC Cable.  The length of the cable is generally six feet.  The cost for the cable is 10.

This part is the electronic ballast.  It is used to generate the high frequencies in my dual frequency machine.  The cost for this part is 25.

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